House of Probiotics products are the next generation of cleaning and home maintenance - achieving a long lasting, microscopic clean that is good for you and good for the planet. They are 100% natural and biodegradable, using nature’s very own technology – probiotic microbes – to naturally fight bad bacteria and pathogens and protect your surfaces from reinfection. The effectiveness of our products is related to our advanced consortia of live, active probiotics: beneficial bacteria that work together to eliminate harmful bacteria.

All areas of your home can benefit from a probiotic boost! We do, however, suggest that you test our cleaning products on a small, discrete area of carpets or fabrics to avoid discolouration. We also advise against using our products on untreated wood.

For an added boost and a 'true' clean: After cleaning with House of Probiotics cleaning products, lightly spray the surface or area and leave the good bacteria to continue working. They'll create a long lasting barrier that actively continues to protect against bad bacteria and germs.

Although the base of the probiotics in our products is similar throughout the range, each product has been developed with a specific task in mind, which determines its effectiveness in that particular area.

We recommend replacing chemical cleaners with House of Probiotics to achieve optimum results. Long-term use of probiotics helps to create a balanced ecosystem of friendly bacteria in your home. These friendly bacteria continue to fight bad bacteria and breakdown pathogens long after you have cleaned. Chemical cleaners eradicate ALL bacteria (the good and the bad), and can affect the effectiveness of the probiotics.

All of our products can be stored at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Do not refrigerate. As this is a natural product, sedimentation and colour variation may occur.

Our product range is 100% non-toxic to humans, animals and plants. They may cause a stomach upset if they are orally ingested.

Our probiotics have been proven to be highly effective against harmful bacteria. Every batch of House of Probiotics is tested by an independently-owned micro-laboratory, to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness of our probiotic microbes.

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